Pumpkin Crème Caramel

1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Lightly coat 8 6-oz. ramekins with cooking spray, and set in 2-inch-deep baking pan.

2. Combine 2/3 cup sugar, 1/4 tsp. salt, and 1 Tbs. water in small saucepan, and bring to a boil over medium heat. Cook 8 to 10 minutes without stirring, or until edges start to color. Swirl pan gently to distribute browned sugar; continue to cook 1 to 2 minutes more, or until sugar is deep golden brown. Pour 1 Tbs. caramelized sugar into each ramekin. Set aside.

3. Whisk together eggs, pumpkin, vanilla, pumpkin pie spice, and remaining 1/4 tsp. salt in large bowl.

4. Bring evaporated milk, whole milk, and remaining 1/2 cup sugar to a boil in medium saucepan. Slowly whisk milk mixture into egg mixture. Pour 1/3 cup custard into each ramekin. Fill pan with boiling water to come two-thirds up sides of ramekins. Place in oven, and bake 30 to 35 minutes, until just set. (Custards will still jiggle slightly in center.) Remove pan from oven, and let ramekins stand in water bath 10 minutes, or until centers are completely set. Remove ramekins from water bath with tongs, and cool on wire rack. Cover with foil, and chill 1 hour, or up to 1 day. To serve, run knife around custards in ramekins and invert onto individual serving plates.

via http://www.vegetariantimes.com/recipe/pumpkin-creme-caramel/


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